The Plant, Our Manufacturing Site


At Lonnix (M) Sdn. Bhd, we are committed to care for the environment and enhance the ethical manufacturing practices. Our manufacturing site is situated at a technology driven industrial area whereby the surrounding neighbors consist mainly of industries that do not emit hazardous pollutant or present any health hazards. This environment is conducive to produce the finest quality products with minimum risk of contamination.
We have invested significantly into this state-of-the-art of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) accredited manufacturing plant. Our facilities and equipment cover from softgel capsules, hard capsules, tablets, powder to effervescent powder and tablets. Research & development, quality control and assurance are exceptionally important to Lonnix (M) Sdn. Bhd., we are committed to produce the highest quality, safety and efficacious products through our extensive experiences and capabilities. With the analytics-driven innovations on traditional herbal medicines, health supplement and health food products, we are continuously developing a wide range of products that strictly follow stringent specification and fulfill the current regulatory requirements and standards.
At Lonnix (M) Sdn. Bhd, the cleanrooms plays a vital role for the healthcare products manufacturing. Our standard operation procedures for controlled environment is adhere to the advanced protocol and to be maintained and cleaned to the same high standard. This is to ensure the final products are free from dirt, dust and vermin and as well as to keep microbial contaminants at a minimum level.


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